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GAMING: Battlefield 1 – perfect for casual gamers…

For anyone who wants to know what we mean by Battlefield 1 being targeted much more for the casual gamer, check out the footage below of Charlie McGhee abusing other players with the totally unbalanced Automatico machine gun.

In this video Charlie tries to demonstrate:

  1. how satisfying it is to have the option to level buildings

  2. for every stupid death there’s a kill-streak awaiting…

  3. how unbalanced the weapons – e.g. the Automatico – can be in multiplayer

  4. unlike other gameplay videos we don’t mind leaving in evidence of just how easily we get killed on this game

And yes, this is exactly what WW1 in Saudia Arabia would have looked like!

Enjoy, and please feel free to vent your ‘inner troll’ on in the comments below!

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