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GAMING: Gameplay from Star Wars Battlefront (ft. Charlie McGhee)

Obviously there are the beautifully edited launch trailers from EA to get you really excited about what Star Wars Battlefront is like to play but here on Retro Ramble we also like to give you a taste of what these games mean to us. For Retro Gaming that means showing just how bad we are at playing these games ourselves.

With any luck this will give the rest of you some hope in that playing games is meant to be fun and being awesome is not really a requirement.

Below is some footage of Retro Ramble’s Charlie McGhee trying his best on Star Wars Battlefront, ah bless.

Supremacy Match on Endor

Deathstar DLC (Trench Run)

Deathstar DLC – FPS, given how long Charlie survives shows just how many noobs are playing Battlefront!

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