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Hitman Sniper (iOS)

Charlie McGhee has been playing Hitman Sniper on his iPhone and thinks you should too. Here are his thoughts on why its a great smartphone game plus some  videos of Charlie’s own gameplay to give you an idea of what its like to play.

What is it?

If you’re into gaming you’ll no doubt be aware of the Hitman series that dates back to the PC and PS2 in the early 2000s. Since then 6 games have been released spurning a host of games for tablet and smart phones including this little cracker which was released in 2015. The game is a FPS but centres only on sniping activity and as Agent 47 although you are never threatened by counter-attack you can and will fail missions for being too aggressive, alerting the wrong people or not fulfilling the specific mission objective. Rather than a straight forward FPS this is more of a puzzle game where completing the mission requires you to focus on taking out targets in very specific ways. From shooting balcony glass to cause targets to fall to their deaths to shooting patio heaters to cause an explosive death the game continually challenges players to be as creative as possible.

What works?

For me, the production quality of this game is top notch, soundtrack and in game sound effects are 10/10. In terms of graphics these are as good as is possible on current iOS devices which to be fair is currently somewhere between what you’d expect to see on the PS2 and Xbox back in the day.  The game is quite addictive since what starts out as a satisfying point and shoot quickly changes with each mission requiring you to find a new way to take out targets without being noticed or in a particular order. The options available leave plenty of room for manoeuvre and keep you coming back for more.  The best thing about this game is you can have a satisfiying game in 2-3 minutes so ideal for short bus/train/metro rides.

What doesn’t work?

As addictive as the game is, apart from a Zombie survival-type mode that was added later there’s only really one location, albeit there are techinically 3 buildings and surrounding estates where targets will be located. As we’ve said before on this blog wanting more from a game is not necessarily a negative. Square Enix Montreal have done a great job with this title, so more please! As its their most successful game to date let’s hope it’ll be updated shortly.

Who should play this?

Anyone who’s every enjoyed any of the Hitman games or anything similar, plus anyone simply looking for a short gaming fix on their daily commute.

Gameplay (Charlie McGhee)

Wanna see what it’s like to play, well so do the game’s developers since they’ve made it incredibly easy to upload your own gameplay to Facebook and Youtube.

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