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Jurassic Memes

In our latest episode for Jurassic Park, we reference more than a few amazing memes. Below is just a few examples of the internet’s love for Jurassic Park (warning, contains lots of Jeff Goldblum):

That Dennis Nedrey Goonies Easter Egg

Guys, GUYS, is Dennis Nedry homaging the Goonies in Jurassic Park?!? #stephenspielberg #goonies #jurassicpark #dennisnedry — Shawn Robare (@ShawnRobare) November 2, 2017

That Goldblum laugh

Want more of that laugh?

  1. The 10 min version is available here

  2. Dubstep Version is available here

Goldblum sings Jurassic Park

SNL: Jurassic Park Auditions Like a lot of SNL sketches, some impressions are better than others. Bill Hader is brilliant as always (especially his Pacino and Alan Alda) and Kate McKinnon’s Jodie Foster is very funny.

There, there it is…One of the, uh, greatest GIF’s, ever

Got any other Jurassic memes you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments!

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