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Looking back at 2020...

So, 2020, eh? Didn’t think it was gonna turn out like this, did you?!

It’s been a tough year for everyone, but to look on the positive side, at least we’ve had time to get through loads of classic films as there’s been little else to do!

As many people are encouraged to work from home, there's no commuting, meaning generally fewer opportunities to listen to podcasts, so we appreciate that people still finding the time to download and listen to our little podcast!

A big thank you for all the support - all the listens, comments, likes, suggestions, photos, memes and especially the reviews which are all very motivating! Retro Ramble is a passion project for Charlie and me which allows us to catch up over our love of movies, and have some laughs. Making the podcast over lockdown has been a helpful escape from some genuinely stressful times, so we’re happy to hear that it resonates with so many people!

Like many things during the pandemic, we’ve had to be flexible with our schedule. The films we cover sometimes have a tenuous link to current cinema releases but with them constantly closing and reopening, and all major releases moving to 2021, it’s certainly been tricky. We’ve also had to do a lot more remote recording than usual, which has meant some dips in audio quality - so thanks again for bearing with us!

However, an improvised schedule has meant some welcome surprises, covering some films that wouldn't be top of our priorities but were a lot of fun to record. Grosse Point Blank, Universal Soldier and The Karate Kid were all last-minute decisions but it appears they were all well received! Pre-pandemic, two of the last podcasts we got to record in person meant a lot to us too. Goldeneye was so much fun as we're huge Bond fans and Dirty Dancing was a welcome change of pace which saw the introduction of another McGhee, our lovely sister, Sophia!

We sincerely hope everyone is coping during these crazy times - especially all the keyworkers, those who live alone or those who have been directly affected by Covid. While it appears that it will be still some time before any normality returns, we’ll do our best to ensure you get your regular dose of Retro Ramble.

Wishing you all the best for 2021!

George and Charlie

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