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PODCAST:EP#100 - Christmas Vacation (1989)

We finally did it! Our 100th episode!

It's a big occasion for such a significant number, firstly, it's Christmas and we're covering family favourite, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation!

Secondly, we are joined by two special guests, John and James Glendinning, our oldest friends and first neighbours! Their names have cropped up in a lot of previous episodes, as many of the films we've covered were introduced to us by the Glendinnings - so you could say they were part of Retro Ramble's origins!

We discuss Christmas traditions, dealing with difficult relations and a stand-out performance from Chevy Chase - it's gonna be something real nice!

It was a delight to catch up with John and James and reminisce about films in general, we talked for so long, we'll likely post an extended chat on our Patrron channel in the near future -

Happy Holidays!

Retro Ramble 2022

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