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PODCAST: Ep#105 - John Wick Special

In excited anticipation of the release of John Wick Chapter 4, Charlie and George decided to take a look at the first few films discussing everything from groundbreaking new stunts, gunplay and the super-human killing machine that is BABA YAGA!

Focusing mainly on John Wicks 1 and 2, as we covered John Wick 3 previously (Ep 42 in our 2019 Review on the regular pod, before Recent Rambles became a Patreon exclusive!) plus everything they are most looking forward to in the upcoming installment.

As ever Retro Ramble thanks all of our Patrons for their ongoing support.

YOU are in our inner circle, members of the high table if you will, so please let us know your thoughts and anything else you'd like us to cover in the comments!

Retro Ramble 2023

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