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PODCAST: EP#120 - The Thing (1982)

In this month's episode, Charlie and George head to Antarctica to discuss the horror classic, John Carpenter's The Thing.

This film has been on the Retro Ramble hitlist since the podcast started, and it's one of the few horror films the brothers are happy to revisit! During the episode, they delve into the film's origins, its haunting Morricone score, Rob Bottin's ground-breaking practical effects, and several Suspicious Spin-Offs!

Listeners can expect a healthy dose of paranoia, bad impressions, and lots of fawning over the film's star, Kurt Russell.

If you're in the mood for more John Carpenter spookiness, make sure to check out their thoughts on Halloween (1978) and They Live! (1988) over on their Patreon channel at

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