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PODCAST:EP#48 – Under Siege (1992)

In this months episode, Charlie and George board the USS Missouri, to find themselves Under Siege! For the first time, they’ll be covering the work of the legend Akido master, part-time sheriff, sometime jazz-man, Mr Steven Seagal.

The Brothers McGhee discuss Seagal’s career, ponytail and Hollywood ambitions and delve into what makes Under Siege, the action star’s best received film. There’s talk of some classic 90’s action exposition, Die Hard cliches and great casting from the superbly villainous Tommy Lee Jones,  Gary Busey, and Colm Meaney (being all meany) as well as the reassuring authority of Dale Dye – you know, that guy with the grey hair that’s in a lot of military films?

As per usual, there’s production trivia, alternative casting in Coulda Woulda Shoulda and  for Special Features, they’ll be venturing into dark territory to discuss the film’s sequel; Under Siege 2…. Dark Territory!

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