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PODCAST: EP#59 - Highlander (1986) Retro Ramble

In this month's episode, Charlie and George are joined by fellow Sean Connery enthusiast (and returning guest), Andy Hughes to discuss fantasy cult classic, Highlander!

As per usual, they delve into the production history including the film's controversial casting of the world's most famous Scotsman as err, an Egyptian, and an aspiring French/Swiss actor as.... a Scotsman. There's also talk of the iconic Queen score, music video visuals, and dubious stunt doubles.

Also present are regular features like alternative casting in Coulda Woulda Shoulda, Suspicious spin-offs (of which there are many), and Listeners Comments.

Retro Ramble 2021 Warning - contains adult language and bad impressions Copyright Notice: All copyright material remains the property of the original copyright holder and all clips and audio samples have been used only as a reference and as part of a review in line with Creative Commons FAIR USE policy. All Audio Clips, Trailers and Soundtrack usage remains the property of owner and has only be used for this episode.

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