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PODCAST: EP#77 Road House (1989)

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In this month's bonus episode, we're heading back to 1989 to discover the cult classic, Road House! It's the first of our Revelations series, where we review the classic films we somehow missed the first time around!

We wanted to kick off the series with a bang, so Road House seemed an obvious choice; Sexy sweaty Swayze, martial arts, monster trucks and lots of unnecessary nudity - something for the whole family!

What are your thoughts on Road House? Remember - be nice!!

Retro Ramble 2022

Copyright Notice: All copyright material remains the property of the original copyright holder and all clips and audio samples have been used only as a reference and as part of a review in line with Creative Commons FAIR USE policy.

All Audio Clips, Trailers and Soundtrack usage remains the property of the film studios & recording studios and has only be used for this episode.

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