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PODCAST:EP118 - The Last Boy Scout (1991)

In this month's episode, Charlie and George are back in sweaty LA with a slick slice of early nineties action with The Last Boy Scout!

Brought to us by a holy action quartet of star Bruce Willis, writer Shane Black, producer Joel Silver and director Tony Scott - explosive action (on and behind the camera) is guaranteed!

We dive deep into this film's production and share some juicy behind-the-scenes facts. Plus, in our "Coulda Woulda Shoulda" segment, we'll be discussing some alternative casting choices that could have made this movie very different!

But it's not all about our thoughts - we want to hear from you too! Let us know where The Last Boy Scout ranks on your list of favourite 80s/90s action movies.

Don't be shy, let us know what The Last Boy Scout means to you!

Retro Ramble 2023

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