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PODCAST: Episode 16 – Raiders Of The Lost Ark (1981)

To coincide with the most recent Star Wars spin off – Solo: A Star Wars Story, Retro Ramble decided it was time to go back to 1981 to check out Harrison Ford’s other most famous character – Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark!

Join Charlie and George as they embark on a thrilling global adventure to liberate holy antiquities. They discuss the legendary stunts, cool costumes, nasty Nazis all the while trying to avoid saying the word “iconic” too much.

As well as reviewing how the film stands up today, there’s also plenty of production trivia and background chat as well the usual casting Coulda Woulda Shoulda feature and as many bad impressions as we can fit into an hour.

In addition to ITunes, Google Play and Libsyn, we are also available on Spotify!!!

Warning: contains swearing and bad impressions, all stunts both supervised and performed by trained chimpanzees.

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