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Retro Round Up – 10th Dec

Daredevil Cancelled At Netflix

In a shock move, only months after the release of the critically acclaimed third season, Netflix recently announced they are cancelling Daredevil. It follows the cancelling of (less popular and successful) Marvel Netflix shows Iron Fist and Luke Cage. The move comes as a surprise to all involved in the show, with the producers busy working on ideas for the fourth season.

The key reason appears to be the new Disney + streaming service, which will be in direct competition with Netflix. The official statement from Marvel was hopeful yet vague:

“We look forward to more adventures with the Man without Fear in the future.”

There’s no guarantee that means we’ll see more of Charlie Cox, Vincent D’onofrio and co. It would be great to see the show continue on Disney +, but sources say it’s unlikely to happen due to existing contracts with Netflix. There’s also the shows’ penchant for violence which would sit at odds with Disney’s family-friendly content. Marvel’s statement could allude to anything from an animated show, a console game or even a reboot into the MCU, but time will tell. The third series of Jessica Jones and second series of The Punisher are set to air in 2019, but more than likely to be their last.

For me, Daredevil was the best of the Netflix/Marvel shows, with some spot-on casting (Cox and D’Onofrio in particular were fantastic), amazing fight choreography and great character development. Admittedly, like all Netflix shows, it could have been leaner in places – there was definitely “padding episodes” in each series. I would arguably say the third (and now final) season was it’s best. It will be a real shame if this the last we see of this iteration of The Man Without Fear.

12 Days of Die Hard

Following the ongoing (i.e. never-ending) discussion on whether Die Hard is a Christmas film, The Poke have some more fuel to add to the fire. Writer Dean Burnett has defined The 12 Days of Die Hard and it’s quite amusing.

Tom Cruise wants to fix your telly

Last week, our favourite adrenaline junkie, Tom Cruise published a video from the set of Top Gun 2 (it’s still happening, folks) to warn about “Motion Smoothing” on modern TVs.

I’m taking a quick break from filming to tell you the best way to watch Mission: Impossible Fallout (or any movie you love) at home. — Tom Cruise (@TomCruise) December 4, 2018

The video was posted a day after the publication of our Die Hard podcast where we discussed the very topic. So I think it’s safe to assume that Mr Cruise is a Retro Ramble listener! (we joke, but Tom if you are listening, please leave us a review on iTunes, it really helps).

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