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Retro Round Up – 11th Jan

Happy New Year Ramblers! Hope the return to normality has not been too severe! Here’s a little round up of the latest film and entertainment news doing the rounds that you may have missed.

“Set phasers to shelved…”

It appears that Star Trek 4 may be finally shelved. The fourth film in the reboot series had promised time travel based team up of the two Kirks (James and his father George) played by two Chrises (Pine and Hemsworth) respectively.

Kirk & Kirk/Chris & Chris.

Last August, it was reported that Paramount was in negotiations with both actors and it was speculated that both had been asked to take pay cuts following the mediocre performance of Star Trek Beyond. It’s not surprising the actors are playing hardball – both have become bankable stars since they appeared in the original reboot in 2009. Plus, they have plenty of other franchise work to keep them busy – Hemsworth is leading this summer’s Men in Black reboot and Pine has Wonder Woman 1984. Outside of the blockbusters, they’ve also been venturing into more dramatic roles like Bad Times at El Royale and Outlaw King.

Has anyone asked if Chris Pratt and Chris Evans are up for it?

Jokes aside, it makes sense for Paramount to put the movie series on hold. The films received mixed reactions from its core fanbase, and casual moviegoers appear to be more drawn to the cosmic action spectacle offered by Star Wars and Marvel.

Fear not Trekkers, as there’s plenty to keep you happy on TV/streaming. In addition to the Star Trek Discovery series on Netflix (now in its second season), there’s a new Picard series and two animated series currently being developed. But you knew that already, didn’t you?

Walmart latest brand to jump on Nostalgia Train

American supermarket giant Walmart (and owners of ASDA) have just released a very expensive looking commercial to promote their click & collect service.

The advert is likely to please RR fans as it features a host of beloved cars including Ecto-1 from Ghostbusters, The Back to the Future Delorean, Knightrider’s KITT, the Griswald station wagon and a Batmobile (which loses points for not being the Burton version). Just think of all the money spent on licencing fees!

Whilst it’s yet another ad to capitalise on our nostalgia, it’s actually funny, looks great and way better than those cringe-worthy Halifax ads we get in the UK.

Weird World – Local man fights for right to display Imperial Walker

Traffic scum!

A Devon man who is currently battling with the local council to display a replica Imperial Walker – AT-ST on his own land, has won a minor victory.

The structure has been placed just off the A38 near Ashburton, but Teignbridge District Council asked Paul Parker to have it removed due to lack of planning permission and as a potential distraction to drivers.

Parker has sought retrospective planning permission which has been now been cleared by the Highways Agency. The council will make their decision by the end of the month. May the force be with you, Paul!

Full story here.

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