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Retro Round-Up 15th March

After the recent craziness of Brexit and my sombre post last week, it’s business as usual.

Batman vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

In a world full of shared universes and mash ups, this is one I can actually get behind. As a kid, I loved both Batman and TMNT – as you know, Charlie and I are still huge Batfans. These DC Animated productions are usually worth a watch, so we’re quite excited about this one!

Alien – 40th Anniversary Shorts

To celebrate Alien’s big birthday, Fox is going all out and have given some new film-makers the opportunity to create some short films inspired by the Ridley Scott classic.

More details on the films here. For more Alien-related goodness, our Aliens podcast review will be available later in the month.

Star Wars: Always Mega Trailer

A little something to tie people over until the Episode IX trailer is released. Actor and Star Wars fan Topher Grace (Spider-Man 3, Blackkklansman) has made an impressive (most impressive) trailer which incorporates all 10 Star Wars films (including deleted scenes) into one mini story.

Whatever your thoughts on the prequels, spin-offs or sequels, it’s a great celebration of the whole saga.

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