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Retro Round Up – 24th May 2019

With Avengers Endgame nicely concluding things, nobody able to spoil Game of Thrones for you anymore and even Theresa May announcing her resignation date you may be asking yourself “What else is there to look forward to?”

Look no further dear reader as this week sees John Wick Parabellum cementing Keanu Reeves’ canine loving, vehicle repossessing, firearm enthusiast as the most successful original franchise of recent times! Good work Baba Yaga! A must see for all fans of this genre!

Quentin Tarantino was in Cannes this week showing off his latest film Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. People are describing it as “Terrific” and “Shocking” and a modern masterpiece. We’ll have to wait and see when it is made available to the rest of us non-Cannes-friendly-plebs later this summer.

There is a new trailer available to whet your appetite included below.

Although not as exciting as either of the above, we also got our first glimpse of the next, and many would argue totally unnecessary, Terminator Sequel, titled Dark Fate. Will this succeed where everything since T2 has failed? Can Linda Hamilton and Arnie woo enough fans to give it yet another go?

Check out the trailer below…

But of course, the thing that you and everyone else is really looking forward to is the next podcast episode of Retro Ramble!

Fear not, Episode 35 is currently on the editing room floor but set for worldwide release this coming Monday 27th May.

Special apologies to David Lo Pan who has apparently been waiting longer than anyone else for the coming episode and based on his picture below is getting rather impatient.




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