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Retro Round Up – 26th October

Just a few things to end off the week.

Beetlejuice links

As mentioned in our recent Beetlejuice podcast, here’s the video of the hilarious Tim Burton Pitch Meeting by College Humour 

The first look at the new Beetlejuice musical can be found here. Time will tell if it’s successful (and makes it to London’s West End) however, as we discussed, it definitely has potential.

Robert Goulet – The Coconut Bangers Ball

Another mention on the podcast was our fondness for Robert Goulet, best known to UK audiences as the villain in The Naked Gun 2 and A Half: The Smell of Fear. Check out this affectionate and hilarious impression from Will Ferrell, which sees Goulet take on some hip-hop/R’n’B songs in his unique lounge-style! We first discovered this on a Saturday Night Live: Best of Will Ferrell DVD. Definitely worth checking out.

Naked Gun Reboot in the works

Speaking of Naked Gun….. In a recent interview, The Naked Gun director and co-creator David Zucker confirmed he and regular writer, Pat Proft are working on a spin-off film. This time the focus would be on Frank Drebin’s son taking on a Russian crime ring. Zucker’s top choice for the role of Frank Drebin Jr. would be Bill Hader (SNL, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Superbad) though it’s still early days.

Whilst reboots are usually a bad idea, it would be great to see the return of the slapstick comedy. The fact that the original writers are involved is promising but then again the same was likely said when Dumb and Dumber To was announced, so it could go either way. Hader is a great choice it would be good to see him lead more films.

Gaga’s Ghost in The Machine – Critics (or Bots) vs Fans 

Recent film review backlashes may not be what they seem. An increasing amount of evidence suggests that bad reviews from “online critics” are not being matched by filmgoers as these originate from bots, rather than actual critics. From The Greatest Showman, Solo and more recently Venom; films panned by critics go on to be loved by the majority of audiences.

Who do we believe? Rumours online suggest some of the Venom backlash was actually a “fake news” story generated by Lady Gaga fans keen to give A Star is Born a box office boost. On the same day everyone was hating Venom, everyone was also being surprised as to how good a film A Star Is Born turned out to be.

Sooooo there are BOTS attacking the #Venom movie. LMAO — Atomic (@AtomicSpidey) October 2, 2018

Has social media been weaponised? Should we care?

What we’re currently streaming:

Maniac (Netflix) – Stylish, quirky, funny and even gory in places, this is an amazing and succinct series (at around 35 mins per episode) is completely binge-worthy. We’re very excited to see what director Cary Fukunaga does with Bond 25.

Better Call Saul (Netflix) – Season 4. Another great season, which gets ever closer to the Breaking Bad storyline. Showrunner Vince Gilligan once again displays a masterclass in how to keep fans gripped. At the same time, he’s wise not to have the show out-stay its welcome, with the fifth series (sorry season!) being the last.

The Man In The High Castle (Amazon Prime) – Season 3 The alternative history sci-fi thriller is back with new characters and storylines. The creators seem to have put some thought into how it will fill out the world it has created. This allows for further character development and opens up opportunities for a few more seasons to follow (just not too many!).

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