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Retro Round-Up 31st May

Rambo: Last Blood Trailer

Thankfully for us, nostalgia is still a big thing. Last week, we shared the new Terminator trailer and merely a week later, we have the trailer for the new (and final) Rambo film, cunningly titled, Rambo: Last Blood!

This film suggests Rambo is living the quiet life on a ranch before getting embroiled with some nasty Mexican cartel types. 

We’re a bit torn on this, to be honest. Whilst it looks gritty and violent, it doesn’t feel like a Rambo film. Yes, he’s got a big knife and a bow but where’s the headband?! Where’s the iconic score?! It could easily be mistaken for another generic Stallone action flick. It certainly seems to be going all-in on the Logan vibe. Time will tell.

Any requests for a Rambo podcast review? Let us know!

New Podcast Klaxon!

Speaking of podcasts, earlier this week we published our latest review on the cult classic Big Trouble in Little China! Please check it out if you haven’t already, cheque’s in the mail….

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