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Retro Round-Up 7th June

Django and Zorro Crossover Movie?

Work has begun on an adaptation of a comic book sequel to Django Unchained –simply known as Django/Zorro. (No, we didn’t realise it  existed either) The comic book involves Django teaming up with an ageing Zorro to take on the indigenous slave trade.

Whilst Tarantino is developing the project, it will be written by comedian and writer Jerrod Carmichael. Collider reports Tarantino will be producer duties, however, it’s unlikely he will direct.

If this does indeed go ahead and Jamie Foxx is back on board, is it too much to ask to have Antonio Banderas back as Zorro? He’s a great actor that doesn’t get enough love from Hollywood.

Con Air gets the Honest Trailer treatment

One of our favourite YouTube channels Screen Junkies, continue to churn out their Honest Trailers. This summer (thankfully for us), they’re looking back at various 90’s blockbusters, the latest being action classic Con Air.

They certainly don’t make them like they used to! For more Con Air fun, check out our podcast review

A guide to Mark Dacascos

If you’ve seen the latest action epic John Wick 3 ( and you should, it’s really rather good) you probably noted the charismatic head assassin/fanboy Zero, played by martial arts veteran Mark Dacascos.

Den of Geek has put together a handy viewing guide for anyone unfamiliar with his previous work. We’re fans of Crying Freeman and The Brotherhood of The Wolf, but it appears we need to go and watch Drive immediately – it looks like it could be a lot of fun!

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