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Retro Round-Up 8th August

A belated yet beefy round-up – our apologies, we went on holiday by mistake!

Disney to remake Home Alone and others

(sighs) As part of the acquisition of 20th Century Fox, Disney has announced plans to remake the beloved home-invasion-torture-porn-Christmas-caper, Home Alone.

The news has been best summed up by :

Blasphemy: irreverent behavior toward anything held sacred, priceless, etc. — (@Dictionarycom) August 7, 2019

In slightly better news, Disney also announced they are keen to make more Planet of The Apes movies. Matt Reeves, director of the last two Apes films will have his hands full making The Batman for Warner Brothers, so fingers crossed that Andy Serkis is involved in some capacity. However, that could be an issue too, as it’s just been announced that Serkis will be directing Venom 2!

In less important news, Disney has similar plans to reboot the Night at the Museum series.

DC Crisis on Infinite Earth Crossover Cameos

The CW’s latest DC universe aka “The Arrowverse” TV crossover is shaping up to be a doozy. Whilst many DC TV shows have featured various cameos in the past (Christopher Reeve and Margot Kidder in Smallville, Dean Cain and Helen Slater in Supergirl) it seems they’re really going all out for the latest event.

Brandon Routh (Superman Returns), who already plays Ray Palmer/The Atom in Legends Of Tomorrow, will also be reprising the role of Superman – based on the Kingdom Come graphic novel mini-series (which is a worth a read).

However, the biggest news is that Batman appears to be finally joining the Arrowverse, with Kevin Conroy making his live-action debut as an elderly Bruce Wayne in the special.

Conroy has probably had the most experience as Batman, voicing him across countless animated series, films and video games. As such, he is seen by many fans as the most definitive take on The Dark Knight. Naturally, there are now rumours that Mark Hamill is in talks to portray the Joker – to make it a proper reunion.

Burt Ward (Robin from 1960’s Batman TV series) has also been confirmed to appear in an unconfirmed role.

The specials will screen in November and consist of five episodes across The CW superhero shows; SupergirlThe FlashLegends Of TomorrowBatwoman, and Arrow.

Marvel attempts to ice skate uphill

One of the big surprises of this years Comic-Con was the announcement that Blade will finally join the MCU! Oscar-winner Mahershala Ali will be taking over the role made famous by Wesley Snipes. Whilst many were keen to see Snipes get one more crack at the role, Ali is an inspired piece of casting and even has Snipes’ approval.

For more Blade talk, why not check out our podcast?

Wesley Snipes joins Coming To America 2

Speaking of dear Wesley, it’s just been announced he’s joining the belated sequel to the Eddie Murphy classic, Coming To America.

Filming is set to begin later this year, with the story focusing on Akeem (Eddie Murphy) returning to America to search for his long lost son. James Earl Jones and Arsenio Hall are also due to return.

Snipes will play a new character, General Izzi, who rules a neighbouring nation to Zamunda. It’s good to see Snipes returning to comedy – as good as he is kicking ass, he can be very funny too.

We can only hope the sequel features a cameo from Jackson Heights own, Randy Watson…

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