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Sir Roger Moore – PART 1

Following the recent passing of Sir Roger Moore, and with us being such massive James Bond fans, we felt it necessary to commit a short episode in tribute to the former actor/knight of the empire.

Sir Roger Moore Tribute

Here, in Part 1, George and Charlie take a retrospective look at Sir Roger’s career starting with his time in the roles of The Saint and that of The Persuaders before discussing his Bond legacy and his work for UNICEF.

Roger MOORE and Christopher WALKEN on the set of “A view to kill”, a James Bond directed by John GLEN. 1985. Part 2, available next week (edit – it’s here) will feature an EXCLUSIVE interview between author and comedy writer Mark O’Connell and RetroRamble’s very own George McGhee.

Mark wrote the highly acclaimed Catching Bullets: memoirs of a Bond fan, and you can get yourself a copy of it here. Thanks to his connections with EON, the producers of the Bond franchise, Mark brings unique insider knowledge regarding all that goes into making a Bond film not to mention what Sir Roger was like in real life and where he sees the franchise going next.

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