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SPECIAL – Recent Ramble – Ready Player One (2018)

In a world of shared universes…. Charlie and George take a break from the RETRO films of their youth to unleash…. RECENT Ramble!

A podcast dedicated to all things…well recent from movies, streaming, books and gaming.

In this first RECENT episode, they review the Spielberg sci-fi nostalgia fest that is Ready Player One.

They also take time to discuss other things they’ve been consuming whether it be Amazon Prime’s American Gods, Netflix’s Annihilation, the little seen sci-fi gem Snowpiercer, the latest DLC content for GTA 5, or even the latest Alan Partridge book.

In addition to ITunes, Google Play and Libsyn…WE ARE NOW AVAILABLE ON SPOTIFY!!!

Enjoy and please share!

Stream or download all of our podcast episodes directly from any of these sites below:

WARNING: Contains mild yet necessary swearing and mostly bad impressions.

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