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SPECIAL – Review of 2017

For their end of year special, Charlie and George return to Present Day to share their thoughts on the films of 2017. From covering their favourite blockbusters to the ones that disappointed them, plus even a few recommended arthouse releases.

SPOILER WARNING – Films discussed include:

  1. Logan

  2. John Wick Chapter 2

  3. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

  4. Alien Covenant – See George’s review here.

  5. Wonder Woman

  6. War for the Planet of The Apes

  7. Dunkirk

  8. Baby Driver

  9. Blade Runner 2049 – See George’s review here.

  10. Thor Ragnarok

  11. Justice League

  12. The Last Jedi

Too modern for you?

Fear not, Retro fans, we’ll be back very soon with our first podcast review for 2018, with the macho mullet masterpiece, Con Air!

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