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TRAILERS – Alien: Covenant (the best trailer!)

Alien: Covenant hits cinemas May 9th and you’ve probably already seen posters about town and even checked out the trailers if you’re a fan of the franchise. We have too and it appears that, as per usual, there is more than one theatrical trailer. It also appears that, as per usual, one of those trailers is just right and the other gives far too much away – why film studios are choosing to do this these days is baffling.

If you’ve not seen the trailer that seems to be doing the rounds then you come to the right place since we have the ONLY trailer that you should watch for Alien: Covenant – the other versions give away far too many Act 3 plot points much like the trailers for Prometheus did (Alien spaceship rolling after Charlize Theron anyone!)

Anyhoo, all that said, here is the best trailer to watch. Regardless of the mixed reception Prometheus, this one does appear to be aiming for the suspense, horror and action that made the first two films the cult classics they are today.

Enjoy and please let us know what you think below.

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