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GAMEPLAY: GTA V Online – Recent Updates / DLC

Grand Theft Auto V was first released on the PS3 back in 2013 so the game is itself quite retro to consider this worthy of our attention here on RetroRamble.

Despite being around for so long the game continues to draw an enormous online gaming community and was the 2nd top selling game of 2016 which is unprecedented.

Having being upgraded for the PS4 with improved graphics (first person views, improved draw distances etc) not to mention a bunch of impressive updates and more recently DLC (downloadable content) its clear that Rockstar not only had big plans for the game from the outset but also had the skills and in-house techies to successfully pull it off.

Rockstar, not one to rest on their laurels have released a steady amount of DLC and most importantly for gamers have done so completely free of charge.

Here’s an overview of some of the best DLC Rockstar have provided for free (for a full list go here):

  1. Import / Export Update

  2. High Life

  3. The Heists

  4. Bikers Update – Motorcycle Clubs

  5. Stunt Series

  6. Gunrunning

  7. New Adversary Modes – Tiny Racers, Land-grab, Bunker Series etc

  8. plus many more seasonal updates

Obviously, if you want to get your hands on all the DLC has to offer and don’t have the hours to invest you may be forced to invest in the in-game cash they offer through their Shark Credit Cards. To be honest I think this is one of the fairest uses of DLC I’ve seen on the current generation of consoles.

Its for these most recent updates that we felt it necessary to revisit the world of Grand Theft Auto V, the most recent update Gunrunning has brought with it a host of new features with are most definitely worth a look. What’s great about these updates is that they seamlessly integrate themselves into GTA Online and heavily weighted towards players working together and minimising the load times – the only real complaint anybody could level at the near perfect game.

As per usual, I’ve compiled some gameplay videos – its worth pointing we at RetroRamble are only casual gamers and not heavy Youtubers so don’t expect any voice over or killer moves in these videos. They are simply an attempt to show some of the highlights these new updates bring with them.

Before we delve into these new updates if you’re wondering how else to quickly in-game cash one nugget from RetroRamble would be to get involved in any of the Rockets vs Cars adversary games which are a lot of fun and come with big payouts for the winning team.

Here’s a quick look at what to expect.

Gunrunning & Bunker Series

To get started in Gunrunning you’ll need to either be a CEO of a business as per the High Life update, a VIP with SecuroServ or the President of a motorcycle club. Each of these requirements cost cash but if you log in to GTA you’ll no doubt be rewarded by Rockstar with a cash boost simply for playing the game – its obvious they’ve recognised that many people who love the game simply don’t have the hours available to open these new features and not everyone is happy with paying for the Shark credit cards to speed up this process.

Once you’ve achieved one of the above you will get the option to buy your own bunker and once you’ve bought one of these you’ll be able to purchase a Mobile Command Centre (basically a rip off of the lorry that Knightrider used to drive into or more recently what the bad guys in series 3 of Fargo drive around in) see below.

Many players may be put off by the cost associated with purchasing these items, worry not since you don’t need to have them to enjoy them since you can simply team up with players who already have access before making your mind up.

Gunrunning – Dawn Raid Adversary Mode

Bunker Series – Bunker Series Adversary Mode


The result of these updates is that other players you bump into in the Los Santos may well have upgraded their SuperCar for a Armoured Personnel Carrier or Tank and you’re frequently offered the opportunity to take part in / or completely disrupt movement of guns, drugs or other nefarious items being organised by other players.

This new dynamic, not to mention the addition of challenges (mini games that don’t require any lobby screen loading to take part in) are a welcome move for Rockstar and something I believe breaths new life into the already proven game.

At a tempting £25.00 on Amazon and even cheaper second-hand, if you’ve not already checked out GTA V, there has never been a better time to do so.

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